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This command is used to package a Flet application for distribution. You can find it's guide here.

usage: flet build [-h] [-v] [-o OUTPUT_DIR] [--project PROJECT_NAME] [--description DESCRIPTION] [--product PRODUCT_NAME] [--org ORG_NAME] [--company COMPANY_NAME] [--copyright COPYRIGHT]
[--splash-color SPLASH_COLOR] [--splash-dark-color SPLASH_DARK_COLOR] [--no-web-splash] [--no-ios-splash] [--no-android-splash] [--team TEAM_ID] [--base-url BASE_URL]
[--web-renderer {canvaskit,html}] [--use-color-emoji] [--route-url-strategy {path,hash}] [--flutter-build-args [FLUTTER_BUILD_ARGS ...]] [--include-packages FLUTTER_PACKAGES [FLUTTER_PACKAGES ...]]
[--build-number BUILD_NUMBER] [--build-version BUILD_VERSION] [--module-name MODULE_NAME] [--template TEMPLATE] [--template-dir TEMPLATE_DIR] [--template-ref TEMPLATE_REF]
{macos,linux,windows,web,apk,aab,ipa} [python_app_path]

Build an executable app or install bundle.

positional arguments:
the type of a package or target platform to build
python_app_path path to a directory with a Python program

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose -v for detailed output and -vv for more detailed
where to put resulting executable or bundle (default is <python_app_directory>/build/<target_platform>)
--project PROJECT_NAME
project name for executable or bundle
--description DESCRIPTION
the description to use for executable or bundle
--product PRODUCT_NAME
project display name that is shown in window titles and about app dialogs
--org ORG_NAME org name in reverse domain name notation, e.g. "com.mycompany" - combined with project name and used as an iOS and Android bundle ID
--company COMPANY_NAME
company name to display in about app dialogs
--copyright COPYRIGHT
copyright text to display in about app dialogs
--splash-color SPLASH_COLOR
background color of app splash screen on iOS, Android and web
--splash-dark-color SPLASH_DARK_COLOR
background color in dark mode of app splash screen on iOS, Android and web
--no-web-splash disable web app splash screen
--no-ios-splash disable iOS app splash screen
--no-android-splash disable Android app splash screen
--team TEAM_ID Team ID to sign iOS bundle (ipa only)
--base-url BASE_URL base URL for the app (web only)
--web-renderer {canvaskit,html}
renderer to use (web only)
--use-color-emoji enables color emojis with CanvasKit renderer (web only)
--route-url-strategy {path,hash}
URL routing strategy (web only)
--flutter-build-args [FLUTTER_BUILD_ARGS ...]
additional arguments for flutter build command
include extra Flutter Flet packages, such as flet_video, flet_audio, etc.
--build-number BUILD_NUMBER
build number - an identifier used as an internal version number
--build-version BUILD_VERSION
build version - a "x.y.z" string used as the version number shown to users
--module-name MODULE_NAME
python module name with an app entry point
--template TEMPLATE a directory containing Flutter bootstrap template, or a URL to a git repository template
--template-dir TEMPLATE_DIR
relative path to a Flutter bootstrap template in a repository
--template-ref TEMPLATE_REF
the branch, tag or commit ID to checkout after cloning the repository with Flutter bootstrap template