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What is Flet?

Flet is a framework that allows building interactive multi-user web, desktop and mobile applications in your favorite language without prior experience in frontend development.

You build a UI for your program with Flet controls which are based on Flutter by Google. Flet does not just "wrap" Flutter widgets, but adds its own "opinion" by combining smaller widgets, hiding complexities, implementing UI best-practices, applying reasonable defaults - all to ensure your apps look cool and professional without extra efforts.

Flet app example

At the moment you can write Flet apps in Python and other languages will be added soon.

Here is a sample "Counter" app:
import flet as ft

def main(page: ft.Page):
page.title = "Flet counter example"
page.vertical_alignment = ft.MainAxisAlignment.CENTER

txt_number = ft.TextField(value="0", text_align=ft.TextAlign.RIGHT, width=100)

def minus_click(e):
txt_number.value = str(int(txt_number.value) - 1)

def plus_click(e):
txt_number.value = str(int(txt_number.value) + 1)

ft.IconButton(ft.icons.REMOVE, on_click=minus_click),
ft.IconButton(ft.icons.ADD, on_click=plus_click),

To run the app install flet module:

pip install flet

and run the program:


The app will be started in a native OS window - what a nice alternative to Electron!



Now, if you want to run the app as a web app, just replace the last line with:, view=ft.AppView.WEB_BROWSER)

run again and now you instantly get a web app:


Want to learn how to build a real app? Jump to a getting started guide for your language: