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usage: flet run [-h] [-v] [-p PORT] [--name APP_NAME] [-m] [-d] [-r] [-n] [-w] [--ios] [-a ASSETS_DIR] [script]

Run Flet app.

positional arguments:
script path to a Python script

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose -v for detailed output and -vv for more detailed
-p PORT, --port PORT custom TCP port to run Flet app on
--name APP_NAME app name to distinguish it from other on the same port
-m, --module treat the script as a python module path as opposed to a file path
-d, --directory watch script directory
-r, --recursive watch script directory and all sub-directories recursively
-n, --hidden application window is hidden on startup
-w, --web open app in a web browser
--ios open app on iOS device
path to assets directory