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Introducing Flet

· 2 min read
Feodor Fitsner

Today we announce the first release of Flet!

Flet is a framework for building real-time web, desktop and mobile applications in Python.

No more complex architecture with JavaScript frontend, REST API backend, database, cache, etc. With Flet you just write a monolith stateful app in Python only and get multi-user, realtime Single-Page Application (SPA) or a mobile app.

To start developing with Flet, you just need your favorite IDE or text editor. No SDKs, no thousands of dependencies, no complex tooling - Flet has built-in web server with assets hosting and desktop clients.

Flet UI is built with Flutter, so your app looks professional and can be delivered to any platform. Flet simplifies Flutter model by combining smaller "widgets" into ready-to-use "controls" with imperative programming model. You get all the power of Flutter without having to learn Dart!

Flet app is deployed as a regular web app and can be instanly accessed with a browser or installed as a PWA on a mobile device. Web app also exposes an API that can be used by a Flet client (planned for future releases) running on iOS and Android and providing native mobile experience.

Some examples:

Give Flet a try and let us know what you think!