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Flet for FastAPI

· 2 min read
Feodor Fitsner
Flet founder and developer

We've just released Flet 0.10.0 with FastAPI support!

FastAPI coupled with Uvicorn, Hypercorn, Gunicorn or other web server replaces built-in Flet web server (Fletd) to reliably run production Flet workloads.

On the other hand, seasoned FastAPI developers can use Flet to easily add interactive, real-time dashboards and admin UI to their existing or new FastAPI services.

A minimal app example

import flet as ft
import flet_fastapi

async def main(page: ft.Page):
await page.add_async(
ft.Text("Hello, Flet!")

app =

It's a simple app that just outputs "Hello, Flet!" on a web page.

To run the app install Flet for FastAPI and Uvicorn:

pip install flet-fastapi
pip install uvicorn

Save the code above to and then start uvicorn as:

uvicorn hello:app

Open the browser and navigate to to see the app running.


Flet app must be async in order to work with FastAPI WebSocket handler.

Features and benefits

Check the guide for complete information about Flet with FastAPI.

Let us know what you think by joining Flet Discord server or creating a new thread on Flet GitHub discussions.