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January - May 2024

The goal: Flet 1.0 launch.

  • Packaging for all platforms with flet build command: Windows, Linux, macOS, web, iOS and Android.
    • 🚧 flet build bugfixing and polishing.
    • Automatic installation of pre-built "native" (non-pure such as pandas, numpy) Python dependencies for iOS and Android (custom registry similar to Pyodide).
    • Integrating 3rd-party Flutter packages to user apps.
  • 🚧 Documentation improvements.
    • Adaptive UI - adaptive controls that change their look depending on the platform the app runs.
    • Responsive UI - layouts that adapt to a device screen size.
    • Update tutorials.
  • Flet Packaging and Deployment Service aka Flet CI.
  • Website update.
  • PyCon US 2024

New controls

Adaptive and Cupertino controls