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Session storage

Flet provides an API for storing key-value data in user's session on a server side.

Writing data to the session:

# strings
page.session.set("key", "value")

# numbers, booleans
page.session.set("number.setting", 12345)
page.session.set("bool_setting", True)

# lists
page.session.set("favorite_colors", ["read", "green", "blue"])

In the current Flet implementation the data stored in a session store is transient and is not preserved between app restarts.

Reading data:

# The value is automatically converted back to the original type
value = page.session.get("key")

colors = page.session.get("favorite_colors")
# colors = ["read", "green", "blue"]

Check if a key exists:

page.session.contains_key("key") # True if the key exists

Get all keys:


Remove a value:


Clear the session storage: